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Countdown To Kindergarten

Some children, and their parents, come to Kindergarten without any idea of what is expected. WLJT is tackling that problem with a step-by-step Kindergarten “how to.”

Educators and other experts join us to explain what children and parents should know and what they should expect when it’s time for Kindergarten. Immunizations, school supplies, appropriate dress, conduct, and even a school bus tour and safety lesson make up just a portion of the program’s curriculum.

If you would like to schedule a Countdown To Kindergarten in your community, contact WLJT's Sue Lasky at 731-881-7561 or slasky@wljt.org

Grade Name Story Title
Kindergarten Winner Morgan of McKenzie "The Loud Tulip"
Kindergarten Runner Up Madalynn of Holice Powell Elementary School, Dyersburg "The Three Sparkley Mermaids and the Great White Shark"
1st Grade Winner Tyler of Holice Powell Elementary School, Dyersburg "Pirates vs. the Cavemen"
1st Grade Runner Up Makenzie of Holice Powell Elementary School, Dyersburg "Spike"
2nd Grade Winner Jackson of South Fulton Elementary School, South Fulton "The Farm Animal and the Coyote"
2nd Grade Runner Up Fisher of Rhea Elementary School, Paris "An Exciting Vacation"
3rd Grade Winner John of Holice Powell Elementary School, Dyersburg "Space Piggies: The Orgin"
3rd Grade Runner Up Tyson of Holladay School, Holladay "The Lazy Loon"
4th Grade Winner Hayden of Holice Powell Elementary School, Dyersburg "The Life of a Fish"
4th Grade Runner Up Paris of Lakewood School, Buchanan "No One Likes Me"
5th Grade Winner Emma of Pine Oak School, Lexington "A Fairy's Tale: A Not-So-Happy Ever After"
5th Grade Runner Up Emily of Holice Powell Elementary School, Dyersburg "The Magic of Bill"

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